Life on Earth:
Game of Mirrors

The game that mirrors back your own shadows!

We are playing a game on a dark and dying planet...
Will she go extinct?

As long as any party is left out,
nobody wins.

You cannot play for another.

Choose your allies,
your enemies and your path well!

This is an open invitation
to all consciousness
in relation to the physical
and the non-physical planes of reality,
that wishes to go home.

Let us go home together

One sunny afternoon
My three-year-old son started running as fast as he could
And then abruptly stopped to look down.
He looked worried.
He began to run again
And halted once more,
Again looking down.
What are you doing? I asked.
I am running as fast as I can,
he replied,
to see if I can leave my shadow behind.

This book is dedicated
to all Light Beings,
to all Pirates,
and to all Robots
who live in human bodies
on this Earth
while it still exists

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